Fall is definitely here! Be careful to cover yourself well and not get sick! Come on, it's time to start unboxing the October KBeauty Box? As always, we have makeup and skincare, not to mention our little goodies!


In this October KBeauty Box we have put a new brand: Nooni! Specialized in skincare, she advocates “Less is more”. This month we are therefore introducing you to the “Deep water therapy facial cream fresh” day and night cream. Behind this rather long name hides an ultra-rich magnesium cream from the East Sea.
It is made up of:
- Deep sea water rich in magnesium,
- Ceramide NP,
- Hyaluronic acid,
- Witch hazel extract and tea tree oil, known for its skin benefits.

Its texture is ultra pleasant: light and a little watery. It is applied and quickly penetrates the skin, you immediately feel the sensation of freshness from the first massages. The smell is even better and just as fresh with its tea tree scent. Once the cream is applied, you can immediately notice that the skin is softer, hydrated and is therefore perfect for skin lacking water! If you do not know your type and your skin condition, we invite you to inquire here ! I am particularly fond of the smell that I can spend my days with my nose in the pot because it smells so good! To fully benefit from the beneficial effects of this cream, we advise you to apply it morning and evening! For the morning, it also captures the sunscreen very much but helps to maintain the makeup! Top ? Yes !

It comes with its small applicator spatula for better application!

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We had already put this product in one of our KBeauty Boxes! But this time, we're showing you a new one so you can compare if you've already had it! It is important to diversify your products to know which one will best suit your skin! This one is smaller but unlike the other, its smell is more pleasant but above all, it gives less of that "silicone" effect. It is lighter to apply and simpler too.

This is by far my favorite! It has the same effects as a mattifying paper, you apply it to areas that are a bit shiny like your T zone or your cheeks. Everything depends on you ! For my part, it will be the area between the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose because these are my areas most prone to shine (glamor isn't it?). So we recommend a stick or powder to reduce the shine, rather than papers.

It is made from green tea, the perfect ingredient for combination to oily skin! But be careful, Nature Republic advises us not to apply too much so as not to destroy your makeup so no need to paint your face with it!


The Ma Little Korea Team has been waiting for months to introduce you to the 16Brand brand! And here it is in our KBeauty Box! An ovation for Eye Magazine! But what is it, then?

A double eye shadow: a light pink, orange, or beige color for the mobile eyelid and a darker color for the flush. So little snag for the pink and brown hue, on the packaging, it looked like a deep pink but it's lighter than that. On the other hand, the brown is rather well pigmented. In any case, with the Eye Magazine Hey My Day to you the gradients on your beautiful eyes! As you can see on the packaging, you can choose how to apply the eyeshadow depending on the position of your brush. But let's talk about it elsewhere! It is super cute and ultra original, you can leave the makeup in!

Now let's talk about the application on the eyes! It is necessary to pass the applicator brush several times forwards and backwards to catch the two shades. For my part, I preferred to pull my eyelid to the side to apply it while closing my eyes (logical?). I was rather surprised when I saw the rendering, I had already seen instagram videos but I prefer to see it on my own to believe it and this concept fulfills all its promises! The effect is very clean and straight, but I recommend, at least for the pink / brown shade, to iron a little pink on the mobile eyelid for more pigmentation.


In this KBeauty Box we have again put a product from the I’M MEME brand because their lip collection is really fabulous. The shade is called Natasha and it's a perfect color for fall. Despite its name “Crayon”; do not expect a pencil lead like a lip liner but rather the shape of the crayons we had as a child.

Let's assess the outfit together.


And our sheetmask selection for this KBeauty Box is a NO: HJ mask! This is the Korea Festival Seaweed Mask made from seaweed. Here too we are dealing with an ingredient very popular with Koreans for facials. This mask is therefore enriched with algae extract, rose extract and hyaluronic acid for perfect hydration of the skin.

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