1. Why buy from My Little Korea

We are the only French-speaking website to offer such a wide and varied range of Korean products, from the latest cosmetics from the biggest Korean brands to office equipment, mobile accessories and much more. We are proud to present more than 2000 products to you. Also, for your greatest pleasure, our catalog includes a wide range of products derived from the Kakao Talk messaging service which is completely new for a French-speaking site. In addition, our catalog will be enriched with new products over the weeks. Most of our team members are located in South Korea and are in direct contact with suppliers to offer you innovative and original products at the best price. Each member of Ma Petite Korea is passionate about Korea and our mixed team (Korean, French) allows us great reliability on shipments and securing your orders between South Korea and France. Also, we will regularly offer you discounts through many contests to allow you to purchase your favorite Korean products at really preferential prices.
100%! Payments go entirely through the international PayPal service (https://www.paypal.com/fr/home). In case you do not yet have a PayPal account, creating an account is guided from A to Z when finalizing your order. The creation of the account is extremely fast. The latter is mandatory for the finalization of your order. During the payment process, you will be taken directly to a dedicated PayPal page which is completely secure and very easy to use. PayPal secures the authentication and confidentiality of personal information that you enter on the internet through the use of specific cryptograms. We also remind you that we are very vigilant on questions of payment by bank card and on the safeguarding of your data. The entire payment process is completely secure, from entering your bank details on the site to completing your order. My Little Korea does not have access to your bank details at any time.
If you are a blogger or YouTuber, we can establish a partnership between your blog and our site through our Ambassador program. You can contact us on our social networks, we will take your application. We then think with our team before making a decision.
First, if that's the case, please excuse us. Then we renew our catalog every weekend and in the meantime a product may go out of stock without us being able to get that product again quickly. We do our best to keep this to a minimum. However, being in direct relation with our local suppliers, we restock ourselves as quickly as possible. In addition, if a product is no longer available for a long time, we undertake to remove it from our catalog.
I want to get a product that does not appear on your site. How to do ? You can suggest a product that we do not yet offer at any time. We strongly encourage you to do so. We do our best to offer you a catalog that is as rich as it is varied. To do this, you can go either through the "Contact Us" section at the bottom of the home page, or when ordering by responding in the appropriate section. Please give the exact name of the product you are looking for and its brand. Please also leave us your E-mail so that we can contact you as soon as we are able to add it to our catalog. Also, you will be the first to know!
Our expert skincare remains available via Facebook or Instagram to answer any questions about the composition of a product! Just contact us on our social networks with the product in question, we will respond within a few hours!
With the pandemic crisis that has blocked international postal activity since 2020, we now have a partnership with FEDEX Express. The costs are 12.90 euros, guaranteed delivery in less than a week from the carrier. The costs are fixed, except for the power supplies.
"The shipping costs include both packaging, handling and shipping costs. To minimize shipping costs, we strongly recommend that you combine your purchases into one order. Unfortunately, we cannot combine two orders. different and if so, you will have to pay the postage twice. Regarding the monthly boxes, the costs are already included in the price of the box. For any additional purchase of products during registration, shipping costs will be added for that product (s) in question. "
COVID-19: Orders are delivered on average in 3 to 4 days with FEDEX Express. Our order preparation time can be up to a week after receipt of payment. If the deadlines are exceeded, it is because we have a product out of stock, and we are doing our best to get it! We apologize in advance for this potential additional delay; if that happens, but we will compensate for the wait with additional samples. We are doing our best to keep the wait as short as possible!
Suite à la directive de Juillet 2021 sur la TVA hors UE, chaque commande Ma Petite Corée est soumise à la TVA.

Désormais tous nos prix sont TTC sur notre site pour ne pas avoir de mauvaises surprises à la réception de votre commande et être en règle avec les lois européennes. (IOSS : IM5280003650)

L’équipe améliore également le système des KPoints en passant de 1 euro = 10 KPoints à 20 KPoints par euro dépensé. Un moyen rapide d’obtenir des réductions sur les prochaines commandes MPC.

Merci pour votre compréhension

Team MPC
Concernant les frais de douanes, nous avons un numéro IOSS:IM5280003650 qui nous permet de collecter la TVA et de la reverser tous les mois a l'Europe.

C'est pourquoi en cas de demande de frais de douanes nous vous invitons à contacter directement Fedex et à fournir notre numéro IOSS.

Vous comprendrez que tous les frais encourus sont hors de notre contrôle et donc à la charge de l'acheteur.

Aucun remboursement ne sera fait en cas de frais de douane. Certains pays sont plus sensibles, tels que l'Espagne, l'Italie et des territoires comme la Réunion.
In the event of a missing product, please contact us directly on our customer service address contact@makbeautybox.com with your complete information. We will follow our policy of refunding the missing product. We do not send the missing product, unless you subscribe to the monthly box, the product will be slipped in.