KBeauty Box September 2021

KBeauty Box Septembre 2021
It's back to school, the holidays are over but we continue to take care of ourselves! For this September KBeauty box, we have selected two treatments to help the skin stay healthy! But also a mask for blackheads that tend to come back after summer! The novelty of this box is the small pouch! After the landscapes of Seoul, our cotton box has a pretty pink color!
The September Kbeauty Box is three facial care products, a sheetmask and a makeup product! Not to mention the little pair of socks!

 Kbeauty Box Septembre Ma Petite Corée


This foaming cleanser is not a product for the body but for the face. This hypoallergenic cleanser deeply cleanses the skin thanks to its soft and rich microbubbles. It is strongly recommended for skin suffering from dehydration and / or skin dryness.  

Ingredients highlighted by Hwahae: Linalool, Limonene, Citronellol, Parfum.

Usage tips : After taking an appropriate amount, lather and gently massage the face. It is advisable to cleanse the skin for one minute for a thorough cleansing. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat with a clean towel to dry your face.



Autumn is here and the complexion loses its radiance, becomes almost graying. This serum has a formula with 13 vitamins to hydrate the skin. The texture is not too runny and quickly penetrates the skin. It does not leave the skin sticky or shiny, the skin absorbs it quickly.

Ingredients highlighted by Hwahae: Fragrance, Retinol Palmitate (Vitamin A)

Usage tips : On clean, dry face, apply one to two drops of serum all over the face. It must be followed by a cream for more effectiveness!



This mask for blackheads is a Peel-Off type mask. A formula that when dry can be removed without rinsing. The sebum is then "attached" to the paste like a magnet.

Ingredients highlighted by Hwahae: Perfume, Ethanol

Usage tips : On clean, dry face, apply the black paste to the area affected by blackheads. The mask dries after a few minutes. Make sure it is dry and remove it. If necessary cleanses the residues left on the epidermis. It is to be used once or twice a week.



Work your brows to perfection with this dual entry eyebrow pencil. The oval shaped lead allows you to draw the eyebrows more naturally. The brush side to finalize!



The mask provides deep hydration. The skin quickly absorbs the main active ingredients to leave it soft and naturally radiant.

Usage tips : After cleansing, take out the mask and put it on your face. It lasts ten to twenty minutes on the face.

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C’est la première fois que je commente, pour vous remercier des boxes que je reçois chaque mois quand vous ne m’oubliez pas … je fais un retour dès produits utilisés du mois d’octobre. Le serum est très bien il est ma routine au quotidien, pas trop liquide , juste une petite noisette c’est suffisant. Le nettoyant moussant est parfait pour ma peau , cela me fait une peau bien nettoyer ,j’aime beaucoup. Le crayon a sourcils est trop foncé ,dommage ;) Je n’ai pas encore utilisé le masque. Encore merci pour tous ces produits que je découvre à chaque fois. Je suis comme une petite fille qui attend son cadeau .

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