November and its cold have arrived ... To take care of your skin, we have slipped in several skincare treatments so that it can survive this cold but also a product from a famous and super brand in Korea! Let's go to discover this November Box!


We put one of the products from the VT x BT21 range in the November Box! A few months ago, the brand launched its second makeup collection, which you can also shop on the site. There were lipsticks, eye shadow, foundation, or concealers. Among this new collection, there are the Art in Lip Tiner! But what is it ? A lipstick but in the form of a very fine pencil! Be careful, this is not a lip contour but a lipstick. It's a bit confusing the first time around but it turns out to be a lot easier to apply, especially for me who have thin lips. I am sure that my mouth makeup will be perfect!

For the application, we start with the contour of the lips, actually with the tip in order to be able to draw them. Then with the dish of the mine we fill to be able to color! A bit like coloring! You can cut it with the small pencil sharpener at the end.

It is available in 4 colors. The n ° 1 is the one on the photo: Beige Rose; a very pretty old rose a little gray! The n ° 2 is called Soft Pink, it is a little brighter than the first. The 3rd shade is Pink Rose, a beautiful pink that brightens up the face, it's the 2nd in the photo! The last is Deep Berry, a gorgeous burgundy perfect for fall and winter!

Be careful, I advise you to take the lead out a bit because it remains thin, so there is a small risk that it will break. Also take care that the Lip Liner is not exposed to heat so that it does not become more fragile.

If you are looking for other colors then come quickly here !



We put one of the products from the VT x BT21 range in the November Box! A few months ago, the brand launched its second makeup collection, Keep Cool is a brand new brand available on My Little Korea, a brand that has several certifications for its choice of non-hazardous products for the skin. We couldn't do this November Box without a KEEP COOL product! The brand is even in the process of being labeled VEGAN, and has the certification EWG (Safe Label for cosmetic products). It is perfect for sensitive skin thanks to its ingredients recognized as non-dangerous by the ministry. This micellar water removes makeup and residue accumulated throughout the day while protecting the skin. Micellar water cleanses, tightens and soothes the skin with its 3 in 1 power. Tests have shown that the skin is much more hydrated after cleansing!


To clean this lipstick, you need a soap and it is not just any that we put in this Box! Here is the Cleansing Soap by BlackPinkSkin (BPS)! A soap of black color due to the charcoal which composes it but also of pink by touch. You can feel the difference in texture when you run your finger over it, the pink areas are very soft. This pink part is eggplant extract and Chinese pepper powder. The charcoal will purify the skin by absorbing the sebum and clean the pores like a scrub while the pink parts will soothe and hydrate the skin after cleansing. So this is the winning combo!

Let's test cleaning together! I used this wild hand to find out about this product! I applied the soap directly to the skin and rubbed off to remove the traces of makeup. I also had the traces of the Lip Liner removed previously with water and everything is gone! The foam that forms is black and we guess that the charcoal is working! On the face, we notice that the pores are less visible and there is a real effect of clean skin. As for the smell? Simply the smell of soap! The skin is very soft, so the little pink touches do very well what they are there for! This soap is a really great product!



And to complete this cleaning routine, you will find a toner in this Box! Despite its name "Essence" it is not an essence but a toner! This Toner illuminates the skin but also hydrates it thanks to its concentrated glacier water. It is applied to the skin after cleansing with a cotton ball. This must start from the inside of the face and go out again! The skin absorbs the product quickly and does not leave it sticky or the like! It also applies a UV barrier to protect the skin so it should be used every morning instead!


And to finish this pretty Box skincare, a sheetmask but be careful not just any one too! BTS are the ambassadors of the MEDIHEAL fabric mask brand, we had already reviewed the Face Point ! This is their most famous mask: the Tea Tree with its soothing virtues! The edition is special since we have the faces of the members on the packaging but I assure you the sheetmask is neutral. No you won't look like NamJoon or JiMin with this mask, sorry.

After applying the Nature Republic Toner, keep the mask on your face for 10 to 20 minutes. Do not rinse your face afterwards, but massage to absorb the rest of the serum! If you do it in the evening, you will see a distinct change in your skin the next day!

For the goodies! This is a box of Peppero because 11/11 was Peppero Day and we wanted to mark it!
On the other hand, I may have got a little hungry and ate the box before taking the pictures. Oops.

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