And here is a KBeauty Box that smells of spring? A box in soft and pink colors for spring makeup. We do not forget your skin of course! There are two skincare products in this box. We have slipped a product that we have never seen in our boxes and which is nevertheless a must-have in his handbag! Let's discover this KBeauty Box now, accompanied by our mini Baby RJ (not included in the box) that you can shop on the site !



A beautiful palette both by its golden and chic packaging but by its colors! VT Cosmetics follows you 365 days a year with this palette eye shadow and promises you a modern and splendid makeup. The palette is a good size, no unnecessary surface and six shades are enough for daily makeup! Its size allows it to slip into a small make-up pouch and therefore does not take up too much space in the handbag. This is an essential point at Ma Petite Korea!

This palette therefore has 6 different shades and composed of texture matte, shimmer and glitter ! For the colors, the shade that stands out is brown and generally goes with all the colors of the irises. There are 2 shades mattes : Skin Nude, clear and Mood Beige, a little darker. For the shimmer, also 2 shades with Brick rose and Urban brown; always a light shade and the other darker. For the glitters, watch out for glitter! Pink Holidays and Royal Gold, rosé and gold will enhance your makeup!

They have good adhesion to the eyelids and good hold.


A new brand in this KBeauty Ma Little Korea Box, it is Age 20 ′, skincare brand. This liptint coral rosé color brings a glossy effect to the lips. the liptint Applies easily to the lips and is very comfortable to wear, it is very light and does not stick either. A heavy, sticky lipstick is way too obnoxious, not to mention the bundle effect it gives.

The shade of Volu Liptint is the coral pink shade and when we look at the transparent packaging, and the applicator, we come across a very flashy pink, very conspicuous which can be a bit frightening. But once applied, liptint is very natural and colors the lips just right! The glossy effect is there and it looks really nice!

The more it is its hydration, the more dry and puckered lips once the liptint applied to the lips! A very nice product from the KBeauty Box for this month of March! Even after removing make-up, the lips remain ultra hydrated and very soft. A perfect outfit for spring and summer!



The skincare treatment to have in your kit is in the KBeauty Box! Aloe gel is essential in your bathroom! It is excellent for the skin, hydrates, reduces inflammation, heals burns and cleanses deeply. In short, aloe gel is a great remedy! Aloe gel is beneficial for the entire body, such as the scalp when it feels like a burn, stinging, or itchy rash. The more concentrated it is in aloe, the better! That of It’s Skin has 90% of it!


I tested it on a sunburn and the cooling effect immediately relieved the pain but also the itchiness associated with the burn. Be careful with the presence of perfume in the product which can have some effects on the most sensitive skin! The gel is not too runny and penetrates the skin very quickly to activate its best effects on the skin.


To help fight COVID-19, Ma Petite Korea offers you in this Kbeauty Box a disinfectant gel from the Nature Republic brand! More practical than the bottle format, it will go with you everywhere to keep your hands clean! Its rose scent is the little extra of this disinfectant gel, more pleasant than basic odors! The gel penetrates quickly on the skin and does not leave a greasy or sticky film.



The sheetmask of the month! Milky Glow of the brand NO: HJ is in the KBeauty Box. Its power is ultra hydrating and will therefore activate in your skin in a deep way for a healthy and illuminated face. Once again and as always, NO: HJ offers us quality masks with delicate packaging like the one with its hydrangeas on it.

the Milky Glow NO: HJ is soaked in a milky texture which again penetrates the skin well during the 15 to 20 minutes of application of the mask. It's a texture you rarely see in sheetmasks and it's light, nice. It is not too runny but be careful, there is a small risk that it will run when putting the mask on the face but not during the application, this is a good point. At the end of the recommended time, we can clearly see that the fabric has lost its white color because the product has penetrated the face! The skin is more luminous, hyper hydrated and bounces!

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