Skin tone and makeup

Sous-ton peau Ma Petite Corée
Successful makeup begins with the right choice of shades. Not all colors can show off us. Whether in makeup, or with our clothes. Knowing your skin tone is therefore essential to better guide your choice.

Under your skin tone, what is it?

There are two important things to know about your skin. It has a color and an undertone. The color of your skin corresponds to the color of the surface of the epidermis. It changes with exposure to the sun and is influenced by melanin level.
The undertone is written in your DNA and deeper in your skin. Like your skin type, it will never change. Each skin has its own undertone. It is divided into three categories: cold, hot and neutral.
The cool undertone brings together shades of pink, red and blue. The warm undertone made up of shades of yellow, gold and copper. The neutral undertone mixes the first two categories.

 Determine the tone of the skin

There are several methods to determine the tone of your skin. Like the vein test. The color of your visible veins, like that of the wrist, defines the undertone. If you have the veins that tend towards green then the undertone is warm. On the contrary, the blue or purple veins mean that the undertone is cold. Under your neutral? You would have both blue and green veins.

The metal jewelry method. If the golden or rose gold jewelry showcases you more, your undertone is warm. Silver jewelry looks better on cold skin. Do both types of jewelry suit you equally well? So your undertone is neutral.

Which palette to highlight myself?

Palettes in shades of pink, lavender are the ones that will highlight you the best if you have it under your cold. As ROMAND Peony Nude Garden Where Dusty Cat of the ETUDE brand. The shades for cold undertones are devoid of an orange or copper note.

If you have it under your warmth, we recommend the palette Play Eye Colors Leather Shop with its brick and brown hues. The small palette signed MISSHA Morning Bakery will also highlight your beautiful eyes!

Knowing your undertone is also essential when choosing your foundation as well as your clothes. The ETUDE and LANEIGE brands offer colors for each sub tone with the letters: N (neutral), W (warm) and C (cold).

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