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The term “acid” is a very barbaric term when these benefits are more than beneficial for the skin. Korean cosmetology is no slouch when it comes to its use but voila, we can quickly get lost between all the names and their effects on the skin. Acids are considered a kind of chemical exfoliant, as opposed to grain exfoliators. How? 'Or' What ? They destroy the bonds between the dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin, the latter break off to free the epidermis. Unexfoliated skin can quickly be suffocated, the complexion becomes dull, the skin becomes rough and rough, but above all it can become more prone to the appearance of acne. My Little Korea has prepared this little guide for you to find out more about these exfoliating acids!



Or fruit acids, it is a group of several types of acids, each of which comes from different sources. Indeed, they are not all extracted from fruits, as its generic name suggests, but from fermented milk, sugar cane such as glycolic acid. These acids have an effect on the skin's surface and are soluble in water, thus acting on the skin's texture and restoring it to its natural radiance; by attenuating in particular on brown spots. Glycolic acid is the most effective and powerful thanks to its very small size which allows it to exfoliate deeper into the epidermis. In addition to the known benefits, this acid acts slightly on the production of sebum.

Recommended for normal to dry skin
Concern: Hyperpigmentation


🍋 BHA (Beta Hydroxy ACIDS)

What if we say salicylic acid? And yes, it is indeed a BHA whose name is not unknown! Contrary to AHA, these acids are liposoluble, they therefore dissolve in a fatty substance. In addition to exfoliating on the surface like AHA, these acids penetrate even inside the pores to act on them. The BHA cleanse and exfoliate clogged pores, while helping to regulate sebum production. These acids act on blemishes such as comedones or other acne pimples by dissolving them, thus reducing their appearance thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Its calming property also acts on redness to unify the complexion.

Recommended for combination to oily skin
Concern: Acne, pores, blackheads and redness


🍋 LHA (Caprylol Salicylic ACID)

It is a derivative of BHA, salicylic acid. It acts on the skin both on its upper and inside lying. Its benefits therefore exfoliate dead cells such as AHA and BHA but also the overflow of excess sebum which clogs the pores. Acid LHA regulates the production of sebum to keep the skin clean. It acts on acne and dislodges blackheads.

Recommended for combination to oily skin
Concern: Acne, pores, blackheads

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