It's spring again at Ma Petite Korea with Jeju Cherry Blossom Jelly Cream by INNISFREE. I tested it for two months and I absolutely love this day cream! I will present it to you and give all its positive and negative points but I promise there will be very few!




The Jeju Cherry Blossom collection was released in 2019 with one lotion, one toner and two creams. The latter have many notable differences. TONE-UP cream is more for dull skin and brings a certain luminosity to the face. It is perfect for skin that is already fair and not matte, or black because the "tone-up" effect is immediate. Its texture is a real cream texture and it also provides hydration to the skin. If you are interested in it, you can shop it by here.

So this is its variance in gel that I tested! Its main function is therefore to provide the missing hydration to healthy skin. As a reminder, dehydrated skin is a condition and not a type, so it can affect anyone. The skin then lacks flexibility, some sensations of tingling or tightness from time to time. Sometimes small fine lines from dehydration appear at the corners of the eyes.



When we open the jar, an ultra fresh, springtime scent rises to our nostrils. Note that the smell is less strong once the cream is applied, it is strongly present because it is concentrated in the jar! Regarding the texture, the gel has always held me back a bit because I'm always afraid that it will not penetrate the skin right away and that it will take a long time to dry. Or you end up with a wet look that lasts.

The morning before work everything is a question of timing so if I have to wait for my cream to be well put on it will not do it! So is this the case? And fortunately not! The gel penetrates the skin fairly quickly and leaves no sticky residue on the face. Make sure to apply the cream, massaging upwards and outwards.

For my part, I only apply it in the morning since in the evening I also put a lotion from the brand INNISFREE (you can read or re-read my review on this subject!). My face finds more colors from the first application and over the days, it has become much more flexible. In addition, with the wearing of the mask in transport, and sometimes in public places, the skin no longer breathes properly. Jeju Cherry Blossom Jelly Cream helps the skin cope well.



This negative point not only affects Jeju Cherry Blossom Jelly Cream but most of the brand's skincare. The fragrance content is very important. The application Hwahae Do not recommend it for young people under 20 years old. We also advise against the most sensitive skin, in fact products that have too high a perfume content will degrade the skin more than improve it. Apart from this point, we notice that the quality of the cream is excellent! Personally, the fragrance content does not bring me any unpleasant surprises, but be careful all the same!

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